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To Peak resource use in California: April 17

Flattening is working!!

We are in frightening times for ourselves and our patients.  The graphic to the left is from and projects hospital/ICU bed needs and mortality associated with the pandemic through our country and by individual state.  With the governor's shelter in place order, the good news is that we are flattening the curve and are not projected to have the shortages and resultant loss of life New York is experiencing.

The California Psychiatric Association has formed a COVID-19 Task Force and revamped their web page to provide psychiatrists in California with the information they and their patients need to manage this unprecedented health care crisis in our world.  Please visit for important information updates on the practice of psychiatry in California.  Please make suggestions and ask questions. 

Together we're stronger. 

My experience

Current and past

Medical Director, Turning Point Community Programs Mental Health Urgent Care

Nov 2017-current

$2.5 million annual budget. First of its kind for Sacramento County, intended to relieve the burden on EDs for patients seeking medication refills, diagnosis and treatment while waiting for outpatient services.  In its first year, the clinic served over 4000 patients experiencing a mental health urgency.

Program Co-Director, UC Davis Psychiatry-Family Medicine Residency Program

July 2017-current

Responsible for the recruitment and training of 10 residents in the 25 year old program which prepares physicians to be board-certified in both psychiatry and family medicine.

Co-Director, UCI/UCD Train New Trainers Primary Care Psychiatry Fellowship

Sept 2015-current

$2.5 million annual budget.  Directing innovative program training primary care providers (already privileged and trained to prescribe) in the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of people with mental illness. Program awarded the Alan Stoudemire Award for Innovation and Excellence in Psychosomatic Medicine Education by Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine in 2017 and the American College of Psychiatrists Creativity in Education Award in 2019.

Co-Chair, CPA Committee on Integrated Care


Co-chair with Robert McCarron the committee which develops and oversees integrated care efforts in the state.  Co-chairing Annual CPA Primary Care Psychiatry CME Conference which has trained over 700 PCPs to provide mental health services and address mental health service shortage.

Co-Chair, CPA Women's Caucus


Working with co-chair, Mary Ann Schaepper to support and develop programs for women psychiatrists in California.  Co-hostess for breakfasts at CPA  Annual Meetings and working with DBs to promote activities and publicize events that support women psychiatrists.

Dep. Rep, Rep (now), Past President, Secretary, and Treasurer, CCPS


I joined CCPS Council as a resident in 2001 and have been on it ever since.  I became an officer in 2004 and president from 2012-14.  I was the second woman president of CCPS and the first president to lower dues for CCPS. I remain involved as the deputy representative to the Assembly, social chair for the annual meeting, and a member of the nominations committee.

Coordinator, UCD IMPART P3

July 2015-September 2017

$1.3 million budget over 3 years.  Responsible for the organization and reporting to OSHPD for MHSA-funded WET program designed to increase resident education in community/public psychiatry.  Placed 40 residents in community sites with over 8000 patient encounters over 3 years.

Co-Chair, Society for Women in Academic Psychiatry (SWAP)

July 2010-current

Co-chair of UCD Psychiatry Society for Women in Academic Psychiatry.  Working with co-chair, Tara Niendam and Chair of Psychiatry, Helen Kales to ensure the equal representation and promotion of women in the department.  Since 2005, faculty representation of women has increased from 29% to 50% in the Department, with the greatest gains seen over the past 5 years.

Former Secretary and  Treasurer, Paul Hom Asian Clinic


Officer on Board of Directors of California's oldest student-run clinic.  PHAC is a 501c(3) and serves thousands of patients per year.  For over 10 years I  coordinated a psychiatric clinic monthly at the clinic to provide culturally appropriate mental health care in a primary care setting.

About me

I am a physician specialized in Psychiatry and Family Medicine.  I believe that the safety of our patients requires that we be vigilant and diligent in the practice of our specialty and the regulation of those who are also privileged to work with some of the most vulnerable people in our society.  The California Psychiatric Association and American Psychiatric Association provide our members with a voice in the regulation of the practice of medicine in our state and nation and assists in the dissemination of information and care for those individuals with mental illness.   As a physician bridging between primary care and psychiatry, I am comfortable working with individuals and groups with different priorities and perspectives and strive to find the common ground and the way forward.  It is clear that there is no CPA without the District Branches and I am committed to listening to individual members, their representatives to CPA Council, and building consensus to move our organization forward according to the members’ wishes.  I seek to find out how CPA can be helpful to District Branches as well.  Our District Branch members entrust CPA with the execution of what they may not have the time/energy/expertise to individually do—upholding and advocating for the quality of care that our patients deserve and so desperately need. I am committed to honoring that trust and ensuring that our organization executes that mission. My membership and relationships with medical societies, combined with a collaborative style make me an excellent coalition-builder with our colleagues in the House of Medicine. I have managed programs with tens of thousands to several million dollar budgets, and my goal is always the same:  do things as efficiently as possible.  As President-Elect and President, I will work with the Treasurer and rest of Executive Council to ensure that CPA is spending members’ money wisely.  My years on the Council have given me a comprehensive understanding of the CPA budget.  My multiple leadership experiences working within complex systems qualify me to work with our diverse group of District Branches to effectively and efficiently accomplish our members’ goals.  I am committed to open and transparent communication, consensus building, and thoughtful action that is consistent with our values and goals. I thank you for your confidence in making me your next CPA President-Elect.

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